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Functional Blood Analysis

Medical exam roomBlood tests have been utilized as a tool for measuring health for many years. However, they have been used mainly as a means for diagnosing disease. For those seeking answers about their health that traditional medicine can’t answer, we recommend a functional blood analysis.

Taking a Proactive Approach to Health

A functional blood analysis is a modern way to help prevent disease before it sets in. Modern research and scientific study within conventional medicine have opened new doors into how nutrition practitioners look at markers in the blood to identify nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. A comprehensive blood chemistry panel provides insight into any emerging health problems and allows us to take a preventative approach.

While a comprehensive blood test provides valuable information, a functional blood analysis is more efficient. It helps us establish a baseline that can be used to track a person’s health over time.

Functional blood analysis can benefit those with chronic pain, anemia, autoimmune conditions, protein deficiencies, bacterial imbalance and more. After Dr. Clark examines you, he will determine what’s the best testing for you and the right treatment or lifestyle “medicine” for you.

Each specific test reveals only a part of the story. Although some of these tests are valuable on their own, they are each part of a bigger puzzle. When we look at all of the blood chemistry markers as a whole, we gain a much more complete picture as to how healthy, or sick, a patient is.

  • Determines which nutritional, homeopathic or botanical supplements or products will best address your particular needs.
  • Helps you avoid wasting money on various supplements that may not benefit you.
  • Offers nutritional plans that address your deficiencies and help your body get back to a healthy state.
  • Provides early detection of developing potentially life-threatening health conditions.
  • It is a relatively affordable way to determine how effective your nutritional program has been. Follow-up testing is available to measure the effectiveness of your program and make any tweaks when needed.
  • It will enable you to maintain your blood marker values within the optimal ranges. Doing so can help your immune system to function better. When that occurs, you can use nutrients more efficiently and live a healthier, happier and hopefully longer life.

How much is the testing?

The cost is $250.
Will you take my blood at the practice or do I need to go elsewhere?

Yes, we take the blood at the office.
Does insurance cover the testing?

No, it does not.
Will I have to get retested?

Not necessarily. For example, if you’re sleeping better and your fatigue is gone, it may not be worth it for you to pay to get retested. Dr. Clark will provide his recommendations as to whether it’s advisable to get retested.

For example, if someone has higher inflammation markers, we might put them on a regimen and follow up in three months and recheck.

Do most doctors provide this kind of testing?

No, the majority of healthcare practitioners do not offer functional blood analysis. Instead, doctors usually run basic blood panels and attempt to diagnose a person’s condition based on incomplete information.

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